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Little Playroom e-commerce website launches

The Brief

Develop an E-Commerce Store (Online Store) with payment gateway and automated delivery integration for a South African Furniture Designer, Daniela Sanchez. In addition to the task above we create a fair amount of hype through a social marketing campaign across multiple platforms that began 30 days before the online store launch. Visit their facebook, instagram, pinterest and twitter accounts to see what we did.

Company: Little Playroom Studio

Time to launch: 25 Days

Services: User Interface Design, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Content Photography


Cool, functional designer kids furniture and accessories are now available online. Locally designed and manufactured, all items are available within 12 – 14 days. Four contemporary colour palettes and various fabric designs will ensure that your item is bespoke and suited to your individual taste and style.

Designer and owner, Daniela Sanchez was frustrated at the limited choice in practical yet modern playroom options in furniture and accessories for children. Eagerly awaiting the birth of her first baby and in the throws of decorating the nursery, Daniela found it difficult to match space and design. Being a young, expectant mom, she was disappointed with the boringly traditional furniture and accessories available to the South African market. “Young families today cannot afford the 3 bedroom house with a pool. Our homes are smaller, compact and with spaces having shared purposes. I searched for reasonably priced, contemporary furniture that matched my personal style and sophistication. Struggling to find unique items, this is when I first began to think about this business,” admits Daniela.

After the birth of Valentina, Daniela opted to become a full time Mom. Leaving her position behind as an Interior Architect allowed her to be on hand to her daughter 24/7. Fast forward almost 2 years and Daniela longed to be creatively stimulated and back in business. A couple of doodles here and there, a workable business plan, and some innovative design ideas saw the birth of Little Playroom, South Africa.

“I wanted to create visually appealing and affordable designer furniture for the playroom. It wasn’t long before my conceptual designs were put into production and my launch range was ready,” says Daniela.

Aesthetically pleasing, this contemporary range of furniture and accessories for your little ones will fit well into the modern home. Daniela confidently states, “you’ll be happy to have these designs in your living space even when guests come over.”

Visit our shop and place your order today. Daniela is also available to discuss your personal requirements so email her on or call her on +27 (0)60 873 0068.

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