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How do I fix +ADw-/title+AD4-

WordPress Title Hack

So you have logged in to your website you and you have just noticed a whole bunch of random code of the log in page or you have noticed that random text that reads something like this +ADw-/title+AD4- hacked by Toxic49 ..: M9awdin Team DZ :..+ADw-DIV style+AD0AIg-DISPLAY: none+ACIAPgA8-xmp+AD4- Don’t Stress it’s not the end of the world but you have to act quick as every passing minute damages your online reputation severely. How is this damaging you? Malware (Virus) has been installed on your site all that hard work of various SEO tactics are now working against you.

+ADw-/title+AD4, +ADw-/title+AD4- hacked by Toxic49 ..: M9awdin Team DZ :..+ADw-DIV style+AD0AIg-DISPLAY: none+ACIAPgA8-xmp+AD4-, fix hack, hacked, Prototyp Works, security, wordpress

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Little Playroom Website

Little Playroom e-commerce website launches

The Brief

Develop an E-Commerce Store (Online Store) with payment gateway and automated delivery integration for a South African Furniture Designer, Daniela Sanchez. In addition to the task above we create a fair amount of hype through a social marketing campaign across multiple platforms that began 30 days before the online store launch. Visit their facebook, instagram, pinterest and twitter accounts to see what we did.

Corporate Identity, Logo Design, Prototyp Works

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